• Comprehensive Technical Staff
  • State-of-the-art Digital Design and Analytical Tools
  • Complete Performance Testing Facility
  • Full Range of Plate-Fin and Tube Type Products
  • Support of All Markets
  • Specialty Products
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Limco (Long Island Metal Company) was established in 1946 in New York City as a manufacturer of precision parts for the aircraft, electronics, industrial, government and commercial markets specializing in high efficient Plate-fin and Tube-type Heat Exchangers, Environmental Control Systems, Oil Coolers, Condensers, Fuel Heaters and Pre-coolers.  Although this was the core focus for Limco, we constantly looked for expansion opportunities in order to be a better solution provider for our customers, this dedication to flexibility and customer care has become the cornerstone of our entire corporate culture.

Airepair International was established in 1974 in Tulsa, OK specializing in clean/test, repair, overhaul and recore of Heat Exchangers, Pre-coolers, Condensers, Reheaters, Oil Coolers, Water Extractors and Ozone Converters.  This company distinguished itself in the industry, and gained the attention of Limco’s investors in the early 90’s, and was formally acquired in 1992 to serve as the FAA certified repair station for many of the same platforms that Limco manufactured for.

In 1995, these two Heat Transfer industry leaders merged forming Limco Airepair, Inc. Each company came with expertise that together formed a corporation capable of supporting both OEM and MRO Heat Transfer needs. With this merger the Long Island Metal Company left behind the founding city for which it was named and purchased a 70,000 square foot facility in west Tulsa for the two organizations to office together and benefit from each other’s expertise

Since 2010 Limco Airepair has updated our methods and facilities drastically in order to follow lean manufacturing principles.  With this re-organization Limco has not only re-established its commitment to quality and consistency, we also have achieved an industry leading turn-around time for the MRO industry.