• Comprehensive Technical Staff
  • State-of-the-art Digital Design and Analytical Tools
  • Complete Performance Testing Facility
  • Full Range of Plate-Fin and Tube Type Products
  • Support of All Markets
  • Specialty Products
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Our OEM service is backed by our R&D, design, and process engineering teams.  We can custom create a variety of highly efficient Plate-Fin products designed to meet the most stringent specifications – traditionally our business has been designed for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.

We specialize in the following platforms:

    • Heat Exchangers
    • Oil Coolers
    • Condensers
    • Fuel Heaters
    • Precoolers
    • Cold Plates
    • Cooling System for Electronics

Every core is vacuum brazed, forming a continuous heat transfer surface which is not dependent upon mechanical bonding and assures zero leakage after years of operation

We pride ourselves on designing high-efficiency exchangers designed to save up to 70 percent in size and weight when compared to conventional units

  • Clients such as:
Boeing Raytheon Triumph Bell Helicopter Gulfstream Naval Supply Systems Command